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Enjoy learning Spanish

Learning a language is more than memorizing grammar rules. It's about discovering different cultures, connecting with other people and living new experiences.

That's what learning Spanish is all about. It's an adventure where you dive headfirst into the Spanish-speaking world!

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Learn Spanish with Us

With Español con E, learning Spanish becomes a unique adventure. We offer personalized programs that combine language learning with cultural immersion and exploration of new destinations. We collaborate closely with passionate and professional tour guides to provide you with an authentic and unforgettable experience.

From language classes to exciting cultural adventures, we enrich your journey and bring you closer to the wonders of Spanish-speaking countries. Discover how learning Spanish can be an unforgettable experience with us!






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Ensuring enjoyable learning of Spanish for everyone.

Propelling students towards new levels of language proficiency and cultural understanding.

Spreading the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries worldwide.


Become Part of Our Community

Join our 'viajeros' community on our Discord server and learn Spanish in good company. You'll never be alone on this exciting journey of learning a new language and exploring distant cultures.

You'll have support, whether it's in the form of a guide, a companion, or a map.

What will you find there?

  • . Idiomatic expressions
  • . Phrases and sayings
  • . Spanish quotes
  • . Activities for every level
  • . Monthly group conversation classes

As a student of Español con E, you'll have full access.

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Connect with your interests

Connect with your interests

Integrate Spanish into your daily routine, into your hobbies and hobbies

Learn by doing

Learn by doing

Increase your fluency with projects, activities and conversations with native speakers

Travel and discover culture

Travel and discover culture

Get to know Spanish-speaking countries with teachers and tourist guides

Join our community

Join our community

Talk about your favorite topics with teachers and students